Gifted and Talented

     In Ohio, the gifted student is defined as one who is superior in one or more of the following types of ability:
  • Superior Cognitive ability
  • Specific Academic ability
  • Creative Thinking ability
  • Visual and/or Performing Arts ability
Gifted Education Goals:
  • to share information, materials and concerns with administrators, teachers, and parents;
  • to provide support to clarify and improve delivery models;
  • to provide resources as an enrichment;
  • to provide ongoing in-service to all staff;
  • to advocate for enrichment extension and differentiation to meet students' need

Gifted and Talented Supervisors and Staff

    Michele Roberts
Supervisor for West Liberty-Salem Local, Urbana City and London City, Triad Local & Clark Shawnee
(937) 484-1589  
    Sharon Kitchen
Supervisor for Clark County Educational Service Center
(937) 215-5581  
Terry Gillespie
Supervisor for Jonathan Alder Local and Mechanicsburg EV
(937) 484-1557
Nicole Nerderman
Gifted Intervention Specialist
Triad Local


Lauren Tullis
Gifted Intervention Specialist
West Liberty-Salem Local

Megan Black
Gifted Intervention Specialist
Northeastern Local

Gifted and Talented Contact Information
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